Insurance Happy Hour

Episode Archive

Episode Archive

83 episodes of Insurance Happy Hour since the first episode, which aired on January 19th, 2018.

  • Insurance is About Data

    February 2nd, 2018  |  Season 1  |  31 mins 46 secs
    ai, artificial intelligence, insurance, insurance carriers, insuretech, insurtech

    In this episode, we talk about insurance carriers, data, and how they can use it better. Plus, find out what visionary Laird admires most and how Becky became an independent insurance agent customer.

  • Crushing It Is Relative

    January 26th, 2018  |  Season 1  |  30 mins 2 secs
    2018 trend, insurance, insuretech, insurtech

    Laird and Becky talk about the insuretech movement and independent insurance agents.

  • Five Auto Insurance Trends to Watch in 2018

    January 19th, 2018  |  Season 1  |  29 mins 57 secs
    2018 trends, auto insurance, insurance, insuretech, insurtech, technology

    In the pilot episode of Insurance Happy Hour, we talk about five trends to watch in auto insurance this year. Plus, what Laird doesn’t want his auto insurance company to know and what trend Becky thinks will have the biggest impact on auto insurance.

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